If you’re familiar with worldwide gaming conferences then I’m sure you know about the global game exhibition, G-Star. This year (more specifically, last week), it took place in Busan, South Korea, and a few people from the Magmic team got to attend the 3 day conference.
One of those lucky attendees was Mo, our COO, and when he got back I asked him what he thought the 3 main takeaways were…



1) The Korean and Chinese markets share many similarities. Games that do well in one also do well in the other.

This is something that has become more and more evident over the past year of keeping our fingers on the pulse. This past Spring, Mo went to Casual Connect in Singapore and had similar findings.


Magmic getting some representation at G-Star!


2) The Korean video game market is extremely regulated.  


They heavily restrict social casino games, for example, and all games released there (even mobile) need to be certified and age rated.  Even land based Casinos, except for one in the whole country, are only open to foreigners. Koreans are not allowed entry.
This needs to be kept in mind when researching the market, before launching a game.


Some of the wicked cosplay our team saw

3) Koreans are among the best and most competitive at almost all hard core e-sports.


With a population of 51.25 million people, Korea’s video game market revenue was at 4.2Bn USD.  Canada, with a population of 36.29 million, has a video game market revenue of 1.9 Bn USD.  
So, Koreans spend an average of 58% more on video games than Canadians per capita!


Hanging with the rest of the Canadian crew in Busan


Overall, it was another successful conference where our team had the chance to connect with other people and companies in the gaming industry from around the world.
We’re already looking forward to G-Star 2018!