This past Friday, the staff at Magmic headed up to a retreat in the woods for a team building event we called #EXTREMEbuilding. In the past, we have challenged our staff to push themselves out of their comfort zones with annual activities like whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, parasailing and even skydiving.


This year was a little different.


Instead of having just one activity to for everyone to do, we decided to have a day full of many activities, some of which were definitely a little… Extreme. 


1) Who doesn’t love to try something new?

Team Building Bee Hives

Never in a million years did I think I would ever put on a full bee suit and emerge myself into 4 beehives. I think I can speak for everyone at Magmic when I make that statement.


It was, however, not only extremely informational (shout out to Katelyn the beekeeper for absolutely crushing it with 4-person sessions all day long!) but it was super fun! Anyone else get serious flashbacks from The Magic School Bus?


2) You’ll learn something new about your co-worker(s)

Team Building Axe Throwing

Maybe you didn’t know Joe from Accounting at all before #EXTREMEbuilding. All you knew about him was that he was good with numbers and takes his coffee with cream and milk.


Now, after all these team building activities, you know he’s a legitimate pro at axe throwing and is pretty much a low-key yogi. You’ll look at him a little differently on Monday, and have something cool to talk about too!


3) It makes for some WICKED photos/content

Team Building Cottage

Not to brag, but our Instagram account is looking pretty awesome right now. How cool does our company look, having the past few posts filled with axe throwing and beehive sessions?


We’ll also use those team building photos for our website to show off how cool Magmic events are because company culture is super important these days when recruiting.  


4) Teamwork makes the dream work

Team Building Axe Throwing

So cheesy, but so true!


Pick an activity that requires a little teamwork and chances are it will automatically translate in the workplace too.


I saw it happen with the axe throwing sessions at our event. People from completely different departments who barely knew each other at the beginning of the day cheering each other on and helping with mastering their throwing techniques.

5) Something magic happens when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone

Team Building Bee Suit

This is a big one and honestly a personal life mantra of mine.


What’s that old saying? “Do something every day that scares you”? Well, maybe saying ‘every day’ is a little too ambitious but doing it once in a while is definitely beneficial, especially when it comes to team building.


While planning this exciting event with Magmic’s owner, John Criswick, he said something very interesting to me. He said, “I like to see people, including myself, experience new things that push their boundaries and doing this amongst friends is the best way to form new bonds and memories.”


Isn’t that exactly what we’re aiming for when planning a team building event?