I’ve read that English is one of the world’s most difficult languages to learn.
Makes sense to me!
Seems like we have endless ways to spell some words, multiple meanings to the same word, an infinite amount of rules (I before E, except after C) and exceptions to those rules that are near impossible to follow.
As a writer/blogger/content creator, I am hyper-aware of said rules and have nothing but respect for people who are learning English as their second (or third, or lord help you, FOURTH!) language. It’s tricky!
Since I am someone who is attempting to learn a new language, I can relate to how time consuming and, albeit, boring it can get. So, I’ve made this list for you but also a little selfishly for myself, as I’m sure these games are also fun to play in other languages as well!

1) Scattergories

Scattergories - Learn English

Scattergories really is a classic. I can remember getting into screaming arguments with friends and family playing this at the cottage in the summer. Aww, memories.
Not only is it GREAT for practicing your English skills, it gets those creative juices flowing. Plus, there’s an app you can get on your phone! No worries if your spelling isn’t fantastic yet, if you’re close enough, spellcheck has got your back!


2) Taboo

There’s nothing TABOO about this one. (Enter side-smirk emoji here) Dad jokes aside, this is a really great game for language practice because it challenges the student to explore uncommon descriptive words with a limited amount of time. 


3) Scrabble

Scrabble - Learn English

Contrary to popular belief, Scrabble isn’t just for retired people killing time at the country club. It’s a great game to practice those English spelling skills with!
You can start off playing short, easy words and slowly rack up points then eventually build the confidence to try out some longer words and show off to your opponent.


4) 5 Second Rule


What better way to learn than to be under extreme pressure, am I right?! This would probably be better for someone who’s a little more advanced in their English lessons as you have to be quite quick on your feet.


5) Hangman / Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune - Learn English

Hangman has GOTTA be the easiest game to practice English because all you need is a piece of paper and a pen! Plus, the person coming up with the words or phrases can make it as easy or challenging as they wish, depending on the skill level of the person guessing the answers.
I also added Wheel of Fortune here because it’s pretty much the exact same game, for all intents and purposes. It’s just a little less… Scary? Wheel of Fortune is an awesome show to watch and participate in because you can practice your English all alone from the comfort of your couch.


6) Pictionary

This last one’s a personal favorite of mine because you get to practice your English skills AND your drawing skills! So, win-win.
As basic as Pictionary is, it’s a fantastic and fun way to challenge yourself creatively. Plus, chances are, you will get quite a few laughs from the answers guessed!
Want to start practicing? Download Scattergories on your iPhone or Android now!