Are you curious what it’s REALLY like to have a career in the mobile gaming industry? It can’t be all fun and games, can it?
To be honest, it’s pretty close.

1. Get paid to test games

career mobile gaming - paid to test games

Isn’t it every video game nerd’s dream to get paid to play games all day? Well, that reality isn’t far off when your career is in mobile gaming.
Who else is going to see if there are any glitches and if the advertisements are running properly? It’s a tough task but SOMEONE’S gotta do it.


2. A casual, laid back work environment

Picture the hip and cool advertising startup from that movie you love with young people wearing jeans and beanies. Oh, and with dogs roaming around.
This isn’t a corporate, punch-in, punch-out environment. Ran a little late in the morning due to an accident or snow storm (this is Ottawa, it happens)? No need to stress; just stay a little later. Every workplace should follow this same mindset.


3. Worldwide conferences

Singapore, California, Paris…The geographical list of conferences is endless. If your love of travel matches your passion for mobile gaming then you’re in luck.
Some of the world’s most renowned conferences are in really cool cities that are just begging to be explored. Just a few months ago, we got to check out G-Star, which was held in Busan, South Korea!


4. The industry is always changing

career mobile gaming - industry changing

Just when you think you’re on top of what’s trending or new in the world of mobile, something evolves. With the changes comes massive growth. A recent newzoo report predicts that the industry could be worth as much as $57.9 billion by the end of the year.

5. Working with like-minded coworkers

This isn’t your typical 9-5 office job where boring Linda in accounting who you have nothing in common with corners you at the vending machine. Chances are, the people you get to work alongside every day share similar passions and hobbies.

6. Lots of opportunity to grow

career mobile gaming - opportunity to grow

Whether you want to end up as a project manager or the head of a department (or, don’t exactly know where you want to end up), there are lots of opportunities for career growth within the industry. Just because you start as a tester doesn’t mean you’re stuck there, unless, of course, you want to stay in that position!


7. It’s never boring

How can a career where you get to test games in a chill environment with the freedom to travel in an ever-changing industry with lots of opportunity to grow alongside like minded coworkers be boring?
Enough said.