Waiting to launch your mobile game is kind of like waiting for the birth of a child.


Hear me out…


You’ve obsessively thought about it, weighed the pros and cons, researched the heck out of the subject, made the decision to commit, researched more, lost sleep thinking about it… See? Lots of similarities.


Before you launch your game, however, there are a few steps that should definitely be followed so let’s get into it.

1) Choose Your Audience

Choose Your Audience

This has to be the very first step in all marketing plans. Know who it is you’re talking (selling) to and keep it consistent.


A good exercise to practice is to create a fake persona that incorporates everything your ideal player has. Choose their profession. Their income. Their interests and hobbies. Even name him/her! The more details, the better. This way you will have this exact person in mind throughout the entire process of the launching strategy.


2) Create Social Media Accounts

Start with the big ones: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hopefully your app’s handle isn’t already taken! Don’t panic if it is, just add ‘App’ or ‘Game’ to it. Problem solved.

Your social media accounts will be a great place to advertise, communicate with your audience and track success with analytics.


3) Research Mobile Game Communities/ Blogs

Research Mobile Game Communities/ BlogsFind the bloggers, influencers and journalists writing about new mobile games and make yourself known to them. They may notice if you start liking and commenting on their posts on social media and when it’s time to reach out with your press release you may be a familiar name.


4) Learn (Obsess) About SEO


Localization, app freshness, keyword research… Get to know search engine optimization practices inside out. This is key! Here’s a stripped down explanation of the best practices. You can thank me later.


5) Write A Press Release

Write a Press ReleaseWrite a descriptive and exciting press release that shows off your new game. Humble brag away! Now is the perfect opportunity to talk about how much work was put into your project and start building some serious excitement/anticipation.


Don’t slack here. Get help from all over the place and generate quotes from higher-ups in your company (no matter how small). There should be lots of sets of eyes on your press release before it’s sent out. Nothing looks more unprofessional than a typo in a press release. Big no-no.


6) Create a Dashboard to Track Your Metrics


It’s easy to get caught up in all the tiny details but this is one you really can’t skip. To be able to track your metrics/success, it’s important to do so from the very beginning.

I’m not here to tell you which exact method to use though. Use a program you’re comfortable with and can easily update.


7) Soft Launch

Soft LaunchThere’s no rush in launching your game, right? (Unless, I guess, you have investors breathing down your neck, in which case you should have given yourself some wiggle room with your deadlines. But who am I to tell you how to live your life?)


Don’t hard launch your game until it’s perfect (or, as close to perfect as you can possibly make it). A soft launch is a great way to work out any bugs or kinks. Share it with your friends and family, get their input, ask what they would change about your mobile game.


Also, while you’re at it, ask them to rate your game in the store to help out with app store optimization. It’s hard to dig yourself out of the bad review hole so make sure you’re confident in the quality of your game before you begin advertising it publicly.


Once you’ve walked through all those steps, you’re ready to rock! Reveal your baby to the world and start reaping the rewards!

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