This isn’t a humble brag post. That’s honestly not the point. The point is to hopefully inspire other companies to team up and help make a difference, however big or small it may be.
What you will get in return far outweighs the small amount of organizational work that needs to be done in preparation. And, if you already have an office committee, or a designated group that plans the staff Christmas party, for example, then you’re already off to a great start!
If not, that’s gotta be the first step.


Assemble a Committee


This can be a hefty task to take on solo so gather up a group of 2-5 people (not too many, lots of hands in the pot can get tricky), ideally from multiple departments. Make up a game plan with your committee, whether that’s choosing one charity to focus on and make monthly donations, having multiple charities to choose from, planning a fundraising event – It’s your initiative, get creative!


Start Small

The first fundraising initiative we started with here at Magmic was with ShelterBox, a disaster relief organization, after Hurricane Irma hit in late August/ early September.


Tip #1: A good way to create interest in a group is by setting a realistic goal. With Shelterbox, I found out exactly how much each emergency kit cost and made our goal to send down 10 boxes (or, $1500).

This is what one shelter box contains

That’s a pretty reasonable goal for an office of approximately 35 people. Plus, once people started talking about it and researching the company more, it created a sense of teamwork to come together and reach that goal.
We were all pleasantly surprised with the generosity of everyone contributing to the cause and reached our goal within 24 hours. In the end, we raised a whopping $3,175.00!
The success  is what sparked the idea to amp up our fundraising goals.


Our fundraising page


Tip #2: To make a bigger impact, see if the owner/higher up of your company would be willing to match the donations made. We were lucky enough to have our owner offer to 5 X whatever we raised, which was a huge incentivador for everyone here.

Take It To the Next Level!

Once you’ve figured out what your coworkers are capable of, increase your goal with the next fundraising initiative. Right now, we’re working on a really cool initiative that we hope to announce very soon as part of our #MagmicImpact movement. Stay tuned!


Tip #3: Choose a cause that’s relevant. Disaster relief, a local family going through a tough time (think GoFundMe), Movember in the month of November; whatever people are already talking about.


Gamify Your Fundraising!


Don’t know what ‘gamify’ means? Then read this post!
If you take a page from the book of The Red Cross (think of their thermometer visual for fundraising), it is bound to get people excited when they can see how much, as a team, has been raised.
This is a fun and easy way to get people to feel a real sense of teamwork within the office.

Show The Impact Made


Finally, once the final amount has been accumulated, make that grand announcement to the company; they’re waiting to hear it! The satisfaction you’ll feel as a team is honestly incomparable. It will hopefully bring out the competitive nature of people and make them want to raise even more in the next attempt!
Keep checking in with us to see what our next charitable effort will be! And why not try out an initiative of your own within your company? I can pretty much guarantee you will be happy with the outcome!