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Bringing your favorite classic card and board games to life through your mobile device since 2002! Relive those treasured fun-filled memories while creating new ones with your family and friends.

Pick up your phone and allow us to take care of the fun!

the magmic difference

Bringing friends & families back together, regardless of where they may be, to play their favourite family games

The FUN Factor

We were built on the idea that having fun was a daily priority.

Our goal is for our players to have the best experience playing our games and to encourage creativity within our team by working together in a laid back environment; FUN is what life and we’re all about.

We Live To Create

While making use of your creativity, your worst idea might be

your best. If there are no stupid questions than there certainly aren’t any dull creative ideas! We believe that nostalgia stems from our past and inspires our present. We reinforce and transcend this ideology every day while producing our games.

Quality Over Quantity

A mobile application is only as good as it’s reviews. We openly welcome criticism

to make our games a well-rounded experience for everyone. This also allows our players and our teams to always remain connected. Opinionated people are at the center of what makes our mobile gaming applications so great.

“We” Means Community

We’re committed to prioritizing our community in every sense of the word.

Whether that be by hiring locally, interacting openly with our players or by ensuring that our employees are always heard and taken care of. We wouldn’t be where we are today without acknowledging the value that comes from our community.


Do you have a question or some awesome ideas on what you think would make one of our games even more fun?

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