Just days after Brian, a game developer here at Magmic, came back from the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California, I had the chance to sit down with him and learn about the forthcoming products and software from Apple. Now, with the iPhone X features officially released and the buzz around how expensive it’s going to be, there were a few questions I had for Brian about game development and what it all this means to him.


Time for some brain picking:


What do you think are the most exciting new features that the iPhone X will have?


Face ID and the ability to use Apple Pay with that feature. I’m curious, though, how it will be MORE secure than the fingerprint unlocking. Maybe there will be an option to be able to unlock the phone with both your face AND your fingerprint.


I haven’t heard of any problems Apple’s had in the past with security breaches so I have a feeling this will be done right without any flaws.


iPhone X(Photo cred: Unknown source)

What will be the main challenges for game developers with the updates?


Screen size. The iPhone X has a brand new aspect ratio that Apple has never seen before. The screen will be taller than any other iPhone so that will need to be thought of by developers when creating games.


Also, the swipe up action to get back to the home screen has potential to mess with games. Developers will have to keep this in mind and make sure that none of the in-game actions involve swiping from the very bottom of the screen.


Do you think Face ID will be used in games? I’m thinking Talking Tom but even MORE realistic…


I think if developers get that information from Apple then yes, absolutely.


Do you have any predictions for the future of AR (Augmented Reality) in mobile games? Will more games like Pokemon Go pop up?

Using AR in mobile games has the potential to be a little gimmicky. I’ve seen this game that’s basically a floating spaceship in a room that you have to shoot at and all I can think of are the ways people will inevitably cheat to beat it. Why wouldn’t they just set it up down a narrow hall instead of a big room? That way there’s nowhere for the spaceship to go and it’s super easy to shoot at.


I think a lot of people will try using AR to create the next Pokemon Go. There will be the one that takes off and has massive success. Something like a treasure hunt similar to Geocaching, but taken to the AR world could be cool.


Pokemon Go(Photo cred: imgflip.com)

In your opinion, is it worth $1000+?

If you use your phone more like a laptop, then yes. This device is comparable to a MacBook Pro so, why not?


AppleEvent2017(Photo cred: @itsmedanic)

If it’s comparable to a MacBook Pro, then is it so crazy to imagine building a mobile game right on a mobile device?


There’s actually an app called Codea that allows people to do just that. I think for the design aspect, artists will need to use either an iPad, laptop or desktop computer because the iPhone is just too small; But for everything else, it’s totally doable.


(Ok, so maybe I thought I had come up with a brilliant app idea there for a second. Oh well!) Thanks again, Brian, for sitting down with me and letting me pick your brain about the new iPhone X!

What are your thoughts about the newest iPhone? Will you be buying one? Comment below!