We are so excited and proud to announce the launch of Magmic Impact, an internal volunteer initiative that will allow employees the opportunity to go wherever they’d like in the world to donate their time for 2 weeks.
The inspiration behind this initiative is to give each employee the opportunity to give back to a cause they’re passionate about, while also allowing them the freedom to visit a city, town or country they may have not have otherwise been able to see.
As the Content Marketer/designated guinea pig for this initiative, I was given the green light to test out the waters and document my experience as a volunteer abroad.
While doing so, I’ve been helping my fellow coworkers research organizations to pair up with that are:
1) Reputable and 2) Actually make a positive difference in the community they choose.
My partner of choice?

Volunteer Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

(Photo cred: redfin.com)

The Hugh Taylor Birch State Park in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The reasoning behind my choice is a bit of a smorgasbord:
1) I. Love. Nature. I’m an outdoorsy girl and have mad respect for trees, mountains, the ocean, animals… Basically, everything outside. So the idea of being able to help maintain beaches, waterways and trails is a dream!
2) I’ve visited this park before and fell madly in love with the lush forest and beautiful paths.
3) When looking into the possibility of becoming a volunteer, I noticed on their website that the list of positions they were currently looking for was HUGE so I knew they needed help.


Hugh Taylor Birch State Park Volunteer

One of the stunning trees in the park

So, my role will hopefully be one of a chameleon. I’m up for anything. Whether it’s trail maintenance, beach cleaning, tram driving, butterfly garden assistant (yes, that’s a thing!), event coordinator, animal caregiver… I’m just happy to be a part of this incredible experience.
Moving forward with this program, I will be sitting down with all employees participating and collecting stories and pictures gathered to contribute to this blog and our social media accounts.
This is the beginning of something we at Magmic are excited to be a part of. From corporate fundraising to this volunteer initiative that’s rolling out, we recognize the importance of getting together to contribute our time, money and efforts to those in need. 2018 will be a big year for us focusing on this mentality. 
If you’d like to follow our volunteer adventures, please check out our Instagram account and keep visiting our blog for updates!