Magmic’s Nebula platform is a cloud-based technology stack, providing a full suite of publishing, live operations, and game services.

At the heart of Nebula is an automatically-scaling and highly available infrastructure designed to support the full range of games-as-a-service features for a publisher. A rich suite of Game Services provide everything from user profiles and authentication to leaderboards, tournaments, persistent data, and multiplayer gaming. Live Operations tools allow publishers to dynamically manage every aspect of live games in real-time, and provide a wide range of support tools. Analytics and User Segmentation capabilities take insights and dynamic configuration to a whole new level by tying into every aspect of the service platform.


The Pulse dashboard is the command center for Nebula, providing publishers full administrative Live Operations control over their portfolio games.

Games integrated with Magmic Manifest can have any number of standard and custom configuration modules modified dynamically through the dashboard. Configurations can be unique for every different version of the game as well as mobile platform. Support for test and production environments allow publishers to evaluate configuration changes before pushing them live. Example manifest modules include: ad network configuration, dynamic storefronts, force update, and custom game parameters to enable, disable, and change game features.

Marketing and support features are also included in the Pulse dashboard, with tools to facilitate management of game events and campaigns. Communication with players is accomplished through in-game messaging and push notifications. A detailed player support console provides access to view and manipulate profile and game data.


Helix Game Services provide a rich set of capabilities to power games and engage players.
At the core of Helix Game Services is the player. Every new player is provided with a zero-friction automatic guest account with full access to a game’s functionality. Authentication with social networks, like Facebook, add depth and connections for Magmic players. Key game data is persisted in the cloud for players, making it easy to carry over to new devices and play on multiple devices. Helix Game Services include Leaderboards, Tournaments, Time Limited Events, In-game Attributes (e.g. currency, bankroll, XP, power-ups), and Multiplayer Game Features. All of these features are truly cross-platform and fully integrated, so it’s all about the games and the players, regardless of mobile device type.
The Helix Game Service Framework supports COPPA compliance for players who remain anonymous Guest accounts.


Our Actionable Analytics and User Segmentation solution incorporates a world-class data warehouse, management tools, and complete integration with the Nebula platform.

Prism is an end-to-end system, capturing gameplay action and behaviour data, loading into a data warehouse, and providing a set of reporting and analysis tools to gain insights. Game developers and publisher use a simple SDK and dashboard to set up and configure standard and custom game analytic events. The infrastructure automatically handles the challenges of mobile networks and offline play to guarantee reliable delivery. Our sophisticated ETL and data warehouse provides near real-time data reporting.

This Business Intelligence brings Action to Analytics through User Segmentation. Through the Pulse dashboard, product managers can design user segments based on any facets of analytic data and Nebula player data. The Prism user segments have custom Magmic Manifest modules associated with them to provide highly customized game configurations for every type of player.
Prism supports full COPPA compliance by optionally disabling behavioural and all personally identifiable information.


The DarkMatter SDK is a full-featured mobile client library that integrates a game with the Magmic Nebula Publishing Platform.
DarkMatter is available as native iOS, native Android, Unity iOS, and Unity Android to provide easy integration for the majority of mobile platforms. Integrating the SDK provides access to as many of the Magmic Publishing and Game Services as desired for the game. Top line feature sets include:

  • Game Services (authentication, player profile, leaderboards, events, multiplayer)
  • Manifest (dynamic configuration)
  • Analytics
  • Magmic Ad Network Package


The Yorkstreet Platform is an extensible set of frameworks and middleware that provides essential client features and games-as-a-service functionality. This includes: asset propagation, application lifecycle, localization, retention mechanics, and specific game kit modules. The platform provides a ubiquitous architecture and workflow across all Magmic games, reducing maintenance costs and time to market.