Meditation is super trendy right now (as it should be, in my opinion!). In 2016, the market around meditation and well-being surpassed a massive $1 billion. People are finding themselves over-worked, over-stimulated and just plain stressed out. And with our devices basically attached to our hips, meditation through mobile gaming is an easy go-to to tap into that sought after state of relaxation.

We’re not talking meditation themed apps designed to help people be mindful, either (although those, too, can be very helpful).

What we’re talking about here is games that don’t require lots of mental effort. Games like Simple Hearts and Simple Spades (yes, that was a completely shameless plug) that allow the player to completely chill out and get lost a little.

There are lots of known benefits to playing card games, such as memory retention and keeping your math skills sharp. But did you know that when you’re in that deep concentration zone that you’re actually practicing a form of meditation?

The key benefit to getting into that trance-like mind-set is what many practice for years to achieve in meditation: a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Getting there has been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and can improve a person’s overall well-being and perception.

Do you find yourself mindlessly checking social media when you feel overwhelmed by work/school/life/etc? Getting there is a similar kind of trance, but instead of looking at donuts and celebrities on the beach on Instagram, why not play a hand of cards to relax so you can:

1) Keep your brain functionality on fleek

And 2) Shock and beat your friends in a real game after getting in some practice!

As much as you may tend to love playing the quick-paced mobile games (think Temple Run), they don’t necessarily help you to relax. Chances are when you’re playing games like that, your body is tense and your heart-rate speeds up.

It may be fun and addictive but it’s certainly not relaxing.

So, give your body a well-deserved break and try out a fun and calming mobile game. Here’s a list of games that will help put you in that zone.

You can thank us later. 😉