So you just downloaded Blokus from the iTunes App Store (if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) and you’ve decided to challenge your Facebook friends to a nice little game. Sure the game looks great and is lots of fun but you keep getting beat!

Well I’m about to solve your problem.  As you probably already know, there are 21 pieces. But not all pieces are created equal. Knowing the 4 most important pieces in Blokus and understanding how to use them will take your game to another level. Pretty soon you will be schooling all your Facebook Friends and climbing to the top of the leaderboard.

Note – These techniques are for advanced players, if you just want the basics,  check this post.

The Most Important Pieces in Blokus

Super Reach – N5

This piece can do some pretty cool things and will do some real damage to your opponents. Since N5 has the greatest reach and has the ability to move around an opponent’s corners, it often blocks their most advanced corner in the process. What does this mean? You can use this piece to go to their most advanced corner position quickly and stop their progress. What’s also really great about this piece is that it doesn’t have many leaks (ways for your opponent to escape). There will be no way out.

Solid Defense – F5

If you are getting attacked from all angles and looking for defense, then you need F5. This piece is very hard to get around and usually always puts the block down. An even more powerful way to use the piece is as a setup for other blocks. When used in this way you can almost always get a least two blocks from the setup of this one piece. When you combine that with the fact that it’s got seven corners to use and no leaks for your opponents to escape, F5 is a piece you should use very carefully.

Ultra Flexibility – W5

If you are looking to wriggle your way out of a sticky situation or set up a block that no opponent can escape from than you should have W5 in your back pocket because it is the more flexible. This piece can do so many things and should probably never get used in the beginning of the game when you are just trying to capture unclaimed territory. W5 will protect you from on-coming opponents and also allows you the ability to stop counter-attacks. Also, it’s a five so it has tons of corners your can use to get out. You will regret it if you use this piece too early.

Biggest Leakability  – Y5

The Y5 might not look as interesting as the other pieces but I guarantee you it has the best features. Sure it looks like your opponent will be able to go around it with ease, but looks can be deceiving. It can be used to do so many things but this piece is the best for circling around your opponent in one swift move. Just be careful how you use it, you only get one.