So, you’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into your wicked new app that you can’t wait to share with the world. It’s available for download in at least one online store and now it’s time to get some serious traction. The next natural step is to write a press release.


But, where do you even begin?


That’s where I come in! I’m here to let you in on all the tips and tricks to create that perfect press release that’s guaranteed to grab the attention of the media, bloggers, or whoever it is you’re hoping to reach.


1) Choose The Audience

This is a natural first step but one that can easily be overlooked. This will help you set the tone, choose the language you decide to write with, and help you focus on exactly what is it you hope to achieve. I wrote 2 press releases for the launch of Simple Hearts: Local media and the online gaming community. The one I’ll be using as an example is the online gaming community one.


2) Craft A Grabbing Subject Line

Easier said than done. There’s a fine line between attention grabbing and flat out spam so you’ve gotta find that sweet spot right in the middle. Write exactly the message you want to get across but add a little flare to make it interesting. I could have just written ‘Magmic Launches New Game’ as the title but instead, I added a little extra info and gave it a throwback feel.

3) Date it!

Always, ALWAYS date your press release. This way your readers know it’s up to date and still relevant.

Easy enough.

Mobile Game Press Release

4) Explain Why Readers Should Care in The Intro


Chances are, the people you choose to send your press release to already have a pile of other press releases on their desk. Obviously, you want yours to stand out from the rest of them so the intro is your time to shine.


What makes your app unique? Does it have a feature that no one else that thought of? Is it the first of its kind?

Mobile Game Press Release

5) Write A Descriptive Explanation


Once you’ve grabbed the attention of the reader with your dream team subject line and intro, it’s time to dive a little deeper. Explain the amount of manpower required leading up to this moment, the size of your team, how long it took from idea to product… Whatever it is you want to put out there!

Mobile Game Press Release

6) Insert a Quote (Or Two)

Press releases should always have a quote in them. I would suggest getting one from an owner, CEO, COO or other higher up in the company, for credibility.


Here you can see I had both our VP of Games and our COO contribute.

Mobile Game Press Release

7) Tell Them About Yourself

Now’s the perfect opportunity to get a little personal and talk about your company’s history. It’s okay to humble brag here a little and mention awards you’ve won or been nominated for. Name dropping other brands you’ve worked with in the past is also a good move.

If you’re a brand new company and don’t have anything to anything to brag about yet, then just say so! There are endless ways to word smith your way into becoming an impressive up-and-coming business to look out for.

Mobile Game Press Release

8)  End With a Clear Call to Action

Don’t waste all your time focusing too hard on steps 1 through 7, getting the reader fired up just to have them think “Now what?”.


Make your intention extremely clear and include multiple ways to be reached. Show off your website too, while you’re at it!

Mobile Game Press Release


It’s as easy as those 8 steps! Once you’ve crafted each section and put them all together, your press release should be ready to rock. My advice for the next step would be to get at least 2 people to proof read your work (typos and grammatical errors will immediately take away your validity).

BONUS TIP: Being someone whose job it is to write all day, I use (and swear by) Grammarly, a free grammar checker plugin. But even bots sometimes miss things so get some human eyes on your press release too before sending it out.

I hope this helped! If it did, please feel free to share this post or comment below.