When the mobile entertainment revolution emerged, so did we.

Our story starts in the unexpectedly technological & innovative city of Ottawa, the nation’s capital, in 2002.

About Us


Magmic is an award-winning publisher and developer of mobile games since the dawn of the mobile entertainment revolution. Magmic, established in 2002, has published a full range of branded content, from titles, past and present, that include Hasbro’s Scattergories, Scattergories Blitz, Mattel’s Phase 10, Skip-Bo, Blokus and a number of Magmic owned IPs such as Passport Rummy, Spite & Malice, Adventure Hearts, Simply suite of card games, and many social casino titles.

Magmic has developed over 100 mobile games, many of which have reached #1 in the Card and Board game categories. Approaching a total of 250 Million downloads over its life, Magmic has an active player base of millions of active users.

Well versed in the management, development, and publishing of Freemium games, Magmic also develops and maintains a whole proprietary suite of technologies and tools that help operate and build games in market.

Privately owned, Magmic is located at City Centre, in Hintonburg, Ottawa, Canada.


Nostalgia is a part of our company DNA. We’re big believers in reminiscing on moments that have brought joy to our lives individually and collectively. In order to share this sheer passion for the past, we simply brush the dust off some of the fun memories we’ve collected while playing those classic card and board games and bring them to life!

Luckily, we were able to find a community of players who also relate to our nostalgic love story. That’s why our company’s focus has remained unchanged for all these years. It brings us joy to see so many people become as passionate as we are joining our team by working within the Magmic Family or by simply downloading the games we’ve made. We’re determined to keep it this way.


We’ve spent over a decade focused on developing & publishing mobile games that are at the center of one of the most important actions we take every day: HAVING FUN! We strongly believe that life would be incomplete if we weren’t continuously seeking the feeling we get when we’re having fun.

That’s why our mission has, and will always be, to provide our players the opportunity to take fun into their own hands by creating & publishing premier casual card & board mobile games they’ve known, loved and played for so long.


Mohammad Agha

TITLE: Chief Executive Officer
WHEN: 2007

WHO: Taking on the mobile gaming world by storm,  Mo was porting J2ME, BREW, and BlackBerry games to over 500 different devices. With over 100 mobile games launched over his broad career, he’s mastered the art of making fun, addictive and profitable games. He’s also upheld his level of recognition in the industry by creating engaging original IPs.. From coding, designing, project-based planning or producing these games, you can always find him involved in every step of the game making process.

With 12 years of experience and an impressive portfolio, he’s capable of making anyone want to have some part in the ever-growing mobile gaming development industry. He has spoken at: Game Connection Paris, Pocket Gamer Connect Vancouver, Game On Ventures, IO:Regions panel, Ottawa IGDA, to name a few, and at local gatherings. He is also an active member on the Ottawa International Game Conference (OIGC) Planning and Advisory committees.

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Mo has transformed Magmic into what is today; a world-class developer and publisher of high quality freemium card and board games. He’s led this company to break many glass ceilings in the mobile gaming industry.

FUN FACT: Mo moved to Canada independently as a young International Student to study Computer Engineering at the University of Ottawa and fell in love with the city. He’s never left since!!


Joshua Ostrowalker

TITLE: Co-Founder / CTO
WHEN: 2002

WHO: A technological guru, Joshua is an artist in his own way and many from the Mobile Gaming industry would support that portrait of the Magmic co-founder. Holding the proud title of CTO, he’s responsible for the architecture and direction of the technology foundation of Magmic. Evidently, he had an impressive professional journey before becoming one of the founders of the now world-leading publisher and developer of mobile games that players know and love.

He’s led his team into developing engineering workflow solutions, mobile game frameworks as well as the games themselves, live operations tools, analytics platforms and so much more. As much as Joshua’s spent his professional life making waves in the Technological and Gaming industry slowly accumulating one innovative accomplishment after another, he’s also an avid technologist and an active member of the Ottawa entrepreneur community. He’s also someone who’s passion expands past the world of technology into the great outdoors!

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Like any true trailblazing individual, he holds some responsibility in what permeates the Internet which is also the invisible force behind many of the applications and devices that power our day-to-day lives. Whether that be a mobile phone, any handheld devices, games and navigation systems and e-business solutions; He’s had a hand in making what is now viewed as indispensable.

FUN FACT: Joshua was born on a dogsled near the arctic circle… need we say more?!

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Ultima IV – Quest of the Avatar

Simon Vendette

WHEN: 2014

WHO: In 14 years, Simon has made his mark in the mobile industry. Before his time at Magmic, Simon worked at Gameloft located in Montreal and was the creator of the first major First Person Shooter game available for Smartphones which ranked #1 as a Top Grossing application in more than 75 countries. He continued excelling by moving to the Toronto branch where he then built a creative division from the ground up. His creative vision and business skills make him an expert in monetization, retention & engagement.

Currently acting as the VP of Game Design and Product Management, his synergic approach ensures that we consistently prioritize teamwork as a company. When given the opportunity, he’s been able to share his years of experience by making speaking appearances at various industry events and universities such as Pocket Gamer Connects London, DevCom Cologne, ISART Montreal, IGDA, Ottawa University, Concordia University, Carleton University, Inter-Dec College.

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Simon was a very big part of the successful migration Magmic had to make from Blackberry to Smartphone when mobile devices were going through their very own version of puberty! He was a true asset to the Magmic team and increased the company’s revenue by a factor of 5.

FUN FACT: He is the very proud father of 5 beautiful children.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Overwatch, Starcraft 2

Wes Tam

TITLE: Director of Production
WHEN: 2004

WHO: Wes is naturally gifted with a prodigious sense of creativity. From being a Graphics and Tools Programmer over at Cinerio Entertainment Inc to doing Freelance Writing for a podcast named Quickly Bored; he’s made his mark from a very early beginning. In 2009 he founded Glitchsoft/Gigataur, a video game studio focused on delivering AAA content. Wes has repeatedly launched titles that have earned industry acclaim and editorial placement. Notable titles he has worked on include Recon Missions X-Men Days Of Future Past and Daytona USA.

As the Director of Game Development at Magmic, he’s worked on many facets of video game production including Programming, Design and Production Management. His versatility and ability to translate objectives into actionable plans while providing decisive leadership to multi-functional teams make him an invaluable asset.. After an awe-inspiring 14 years in the Video Game Development industry, it’s safe to say he’s acquired his veteran status swiftfully.

MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENT: Wes was a key benefactor in the growth of Magmic Games becoming a leading provider of Smartphone games.

FUN FACT: You’ll eventually find this creative man behind a camera lens, directing a super obscure high brow, overly obscure and super pretentious art house movie. (Advance seating sold in the near future). Before his movie producing career takes off, it must be said that he is one of the best parallel parkers in all of Eastern Canada. That in itself should say it all.

FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: Arm Champs II – Sneak King

Magmic has been a premier provider of mobile games for over 15 years. Check out a timeline of our history.