Spite and Malice Magmic

Spite & Malice is the perfect combination of some your favorite classic card games! Inspired by all-stars like Solitaire, players collect and stack cards in a head-to-head competition to claim their winning title.

Do you have a wild card in your hand? This card will allow you to replace any card except for an ace! Better yet, finish playing all of the cards in your hand and get to draw 5 more! Be the first to empty your goal pile and become the ultimate Spite & Malice winner.

Since there can only be one winner, the other players will be ranked based on how many cards they have left in their goal pile.


• A fun and free game for you to play!

• This game is playable on all devices running iOS 9+

• Play against up to three skilled opponents

• New to playing this game? Learn today with an interactive tutorial

Play Spite & Malice today to prove you’ve still got what it takes!

Downloads: 7M
Genre: Cards, Casual