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Magmic World

Be the mobile gaming development future.
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MA – G – MIC (Adj.) 

When tremendous amounts of fun, passion and creativity erupt; the making of an environment where you’ll always grow and thrive.

Ready To Make Your Magmic Impact?

We’re a group of people who value that can-do, go-getting, take over the world, kind of attitude. If you think you’re ready to redefine what having fun really means, then you’ll fit right in!


It’s simple. We’re a company that lives and breathes mobile games. With that being said, we wouldn’t be where we are if we didn’t have support from other like minded businesses and individuals. Making an impact to us means to emulate fun everywhere we go and in everything we do. Let’s make every day count and work together.


Our culture is defined by: Support, Growth, Integrity and Loyalty. This allows us to create a work environment that puts our employees’ unique talents first. We want you to learn, grow and gain experience every day. So we’ll always be sure to support, train and reward you. Because when you have fun while succeeding, we all do.

Want to join the Magmic Team?

We currently do not have any open positions.

Did Someone Say Work FREEMIUMS?


Paid Vacation

We all need some time to relax and recharge. Which is why we offer 3 weeks paid vacation to all employees who start at Magmic.


Team building outings

We strongly believe that in order for Magmic to succeed, we must always be on the same page. In order to do that, we take the time to develop our combined core strengths and weaknesses. Along with team building outings that encourage collaboration and communication within the office space.


Targeted Bonuses

There is something to be said about recognizing your employees for their efforts and hard work. When an employee exceeds expectations and works tirelessly to reach their goals, we will always make sure those efforts are rewarded.

Health & Dental

Our employees shouldn’t have to worry if their basic needs are/will be taken care of. Which is why we offer above-average coverage when it comes to health and dental benefits.

Meet the Magmic Team

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