Passport Rummy Magmic

Take flight into the past while playing this classic rummy-type card game from anywhere, at any time.


  • Play Passport Rummy for free: complete multiple contracts before your opponents do!
  • You can challenge your friends or choose to play 1v1 multiplayer
  • Level up by earning XP & unlock new amazing rewards
  • Make your way through new and exotic themes, each with a fun, new set of contracts or melds
  • Use Wild Joker cards, and freeze your opponent cards or power up advantages to increase your chances of winning.
  • Pop the balloon after completing your contract, or meld, to unlock fun rewards
  • Login everyday to collect even more rewards
  • Participate in special events to win fun limited-time prizes
  • Get started with an interactive tutorial, or jump right into the game
  • Track your progress as you play the core Rummy Game

Passport Rummy is a classic twist on some of your favorite family night card games! This fun combination of “Liverpool Rummy”, “Contract Rummy” and “Gin Rummy” will give you a first class seat to discover some of the world’s most exotic places.

Impress your opponents with your donut-making, loops & barrel roll stuntin’ skills by acquiring daily rewards! Get your passport stamped quicker in order to move on to your next contract with some power-ups and Passport Rummy wild jokers.

Downloads: 10.7M
Genre: Cards, Casual