Idle Pet Paradise Magmic

A unique take on the idle game genre with episodic content and a rich narrative.

Collect Pets!
The island is home to energetic, cute and hardworking pets! Rescue them and help them reach their full potential!

Trade pets with other players around the world to create the ultimate Island Rescue Team. Collect them all!

?Solve Mysteries!
The island holds mysterious secrets waiting to be discovered, starting with an active volcanic threat! With twists and turns along the way, players will experience life on the tropical island. Relaxing by the pool or exploring the caves. The choice is yours!

Grow the Island’s industry!
Start a business, and grow the economy. The success of Pet Island relies on your strategy.

Unique Idle Episodic Game!
Build and manage your own island!

Downloads: 200K
Genre: Idle, Episodic