Do you want to know more about how Magmic came to be what it is today?
Let us walk you down memory lane!


Scattergories Blitz

Scattergories Blitz is Released!

A new twist on the classic Scattergories. Magmic and Hasbro continue their partnership with a new game, Scattergories Blitz!

    Magmic introduces two new games to the market. Passport Rummy and Spite & Malice!


      Two New Games!


      Simple Card Suite

      Classic card games

      In continuation of being at the forefront of the mobile card and board game world, Magmic launches a suite of classic card games, starting with Simple Hearts. Looking behind the scenes, the Game Engine Technology team works hard to build a next generation card game framework in order to release high- quality games with efficient turnarounds.


        Becoming a leading game developer

        In a year of growing and evolving, Magmic firmly establishes itself as a leading publisher of mobile games in 2016. Existing games get countless updates and players are shown new ways to connect with and challenge their friends and family to games they already know and love. This is also a year for focusing on community engagement through excellent customer support and connecting with players on various social media platforms.


        Game development partner

        Magmic + Hasbro

        2015 is an exciting year as it’s the year Magmic partners with Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy and board game companies. Also launched in the same year are Apples to Apples (Mattel) and Rubik’s Uncubed, a fun and new twist on the already popular game, Rubik’s Cube. This year also sees Magmic expanding its line of casino-themed games with the release of Bingo King and Casino King.


        Facebook games

        Magmic takes on an impressive new venture in 2014 and releases Phase 10 on Facebook, a giant in the world of social media. 2014 is also the year Magmic releases Blokus, a family favorite originally created by Mattel.


        Winning the mobile card game category

        iOS, Android & BB10

        Magmic launches Skip-Bo by Mattel on iOS and Android platforms. It quickly rises to the top of the card game category on both platforms. Magmic also launches Slots King on BB10, and The New York Times Crosswords on Kindle. Texas Hold’em King launches on iOS.


        A decade in mobile games

        After 10 years in the mobile industry, 2012 is a huge year, with lots of new products going to market. Magmic excitedly presents new titles: Wave Crasher on iOS, Ka-Glom! on BB10, Blackjack King on Blackberry, iOS & Facebook, as well as Hidden Galaxies, an iOS game featuring groundbreaking artist eepmon.


        400,000 users in iOS

        THK Live hits 1,000,000 users on Blackberry, Rubik’s Cube iOS gets Foursquare integration, and Magmic unleashes Miner 2049er on iTunes. Phase 10 hits 400,000 users on iOS, becomes the #2 card game in the iTunes App Store, and the #1 paid game in the German App Store. Magmic releases multiple games for Android phone and tablet users including THK Live, and The New York Times Crosswords. The New York Times Crosswords also gets released on Blackberry Playbook, Amazon App Store, for the Kindle Fire, and the Barnes & Noble Store for the Nook.


        Key partnership with AT&T

        Early in the year, an exclusive partnership with AT&T and RIM opens doors for Magmic. The exclusive ‘early bird access’ for the Blackberry 9800 Torch is put to good use, and 25+ titles are up on the AT&T store for day one of the handset release. Magmic also releases the iBerry 4 theme, and has the highest one-day product sales in Magmic history. Also, Magmic and Fundex release the official Rubik’s Cube app for iOS and Blackberry devices. To top it off, the greatest mobile poker franchise receives its best update with the fourth installment: Texas Hold’em King Live.