Magmic Focused On Growth, Company Culture And Corporate Social Responsibility To Host Immersive Employee Team-Building Event on August 17

NEW YORK & OTTAWA, Ontario, August 7, 2023 – Award-winning, Ottawa based mobile game development company, Magmic announced today the company’s growth plans to include hiring and doubling in size by 2024, furthering the company’s commitment to creating immersive and engaging Web3 gaming experiences, while embracing innovation and emerging technologies. During this growth phase, the company is focused on continuing to foster its culture of diversity and inclusion, creativity and collaboration and will host all employees at a day-long team-building event on August 17, 2023.

“We are delighted to bring our entire team together from all over Canada to be a part of this exciting time in Magmic’s history. The Magmic team has 21 highly talented individuals — and growing — who thrive in our upbeat, casual, and collaborative environment. Since we opened our doors in 2002, we have worked hard at instilling our company’s values amongst its employees, and that still holds true until today. We are able to go beyond the expectations of our employees by being collaborative, supportive, and innovative. By continuing to focus on these values, we have been able to create a culture that embraces inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and a healthy work-life balance,” said Magmic CEO and President Mo Agha.

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the forefront of Magmic and the cornerstone of the company’s founders. The company’s co-founder and owner, John Criswick has spearheaded a program, hashtagged #7days4change, to support and encourage employee volunteerism. Under the program, staffers can choose wherever they wish to go and do good for a week or two each year, supported by a travel stipend and while still collecting their salaries. Additionally, the company is involved in the founder’s tree planting initiative, working with conservation authorities to plant trees to preserve the environment and offset carbon emissions created by the Web3 industry. The company is also working towards its B Corp Certification with hopes of becoming one of the first Canada-based B Corp Certified companies in the mobile game development industry.  

“At Magmic, everyone acts like an owner. We work collaboratively to come up with innovative ideas here and leapfrog off those ideas to bring growth and innovation. Hence, the goal for the employee teambuilding retreat is to bring the entire group together and emerge as a better team that will help the game world by being able to create more collaborative approaches to game development and further Magmic’s commitment to community, employee enrichment and engagement. This will translate over into creating exceptional gaming experiences and player engagement in our games, while making a positive impact beyond gaming. Diversity, inclusion and collaboration are the hallmarks of everything we do and bringing the team together will help us cultivate our diverse company culture as we continue to grow as an organization,” said Dammie Adaralegbe, Magmic Manager, People and Culture.


About Magmic

Magmic is an award-winning publisher and developer of mobile games since the dawn of the mobile entertainment revolution to present day as a leader in the Web3 video game realm. Established in 2002 in Ottawa, Canada, Magmic is a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry and has developed and published over 100 mobile games, many of which have reached #1 in the Card and Board game categories on the App Stores. Magmic’s most popular games include Hasbro’s Scattergories and Scattergories Blitz, Mattel’s Phase 10Skip-Bo and Blokus, Texas Hold’Em King, Passport RummyThe New York Times Crossword app, Spite & MaliceAdventure Hearts, the Simply suite of card games, along with many others. With over 250 million game downloads over 21 years, Magmic currently has a player base of millions of monthly active users and tens of billions of hours of play. 

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